Under The Surface – Swimmer Profiles

The Masters (and Seniors) squad has members ranging over a fifty year age span. Many of them compete in Regional and National championships, whilst the more brave (or is that foolhardy?) test the stimulating temperatures and challenges of open water swimming. A few have also competed in the World and  / or European Masters championships over the years.

Back L-R: Malcolm Barton, Dave Wright, Graham Powell, Colin Mayes & Alastair Gibb
Middle L-R: Jodie Armstrong, Glenda Mayes, Sharon Thompson, Karen Mackenzie, Michelle Neal & Kelly Cooke
Front L-R: Laura Smith, John O’Rourke, Pauline harrington & Sam Bradley

The individual profiles featured below hopefully show potential new members the diversity to be found and provide an insight into why we (still) do what we do, after all these years!

Malcolm Barton

Pauline Harrington

Karen Mackenzie

Jo Mitchinson

John O’Rourke

Graham Powell