Club Masters Records

Team Luton’s Masters records have been determined where the swimmer competed as a member of the Club (or previously Luton (Vauxhall) SC) at a dedicated Masters competition. Times recorded by our Masters at the likes of “open” swim meets such as Beds Age Group Championships or even the Club’s own championships are NOT recognised as being a Club Masters record.

Masters Records – Men

Masters Records – Women

Both the Short and Long Course records were compiled retrospectively in May 2021, starting with reference to the then current Beds ASA Masters records. Those Beds County Masters records only date back to 1998.

However the Club’s own records have been ascertained from the publicly available information (Masters Individual Best Times / Masters Results) on the swimming website and the archived results from the British and / or ASA Masters Championships. Unfortunately, as of May 2021, a handful of swim times or full results remain missing from those archives.

A few of the Club’s Masters record swim times may not coincide directly. This is either because they pre-date the Beds ASA Masters records or where, in recent years, Beds ASA have allowed “split times”  – denoted as a (S) –  to be claimed as a County Masters record from the result sheets made available at a swim meet, even though they do not subsequently appear on an individual’s Best Times database.  No attempt has been made to identify “split times” from earlier competitions as potential Club records as they were not always recorded on the archived result sheets and cannot be readily independently verified.