Karen Mackenzie


Karen: Proud 400m IM Bronze Medalist at 2019 GB Masters

By her own admission Karen likes to try and achieve at least one challenge each year.

Having competed as a swimmer in her younger days, Karen’s brother in law was training for his first triathlon in 2013 and asked her to do some open water training with him. The following year the two of them trained for and completed the River Dart 10K. Karen then by herself did a few triathlon ” sprints” [her words] in 2015. It was during that time a few people suggested she find a swimming club to train with.

Accordingly Karen joined Team Luton in October 2015. By the end of January 2016 she had swum in her first Masters event, setting a new Beds County Masters record for her age group in the 50 metres Backstroke. Less than three months later Karen had swum at her first GB Masters, all in preparation for the European Masters! Come July 2017 Karen competed in her first World Masters Swimming Championships, having won a silver medal over 50m Backstroke at the GB Masters.

A qualified personal trainer, Karen submits herself to regiment fitness boot camp training twice a week and also tries to swim two to three times a week with Team Luton. Her two young boys like football and rugby so she’s learning about them too. Little wonder that Karen might not necessarily be the first to make it on to the poolside.

As of April 2021 Karen held eleven Beds County Masters records over Freestyle, Backstroke and Individual Medley. Usually preferring the sprint distances, Karen was finally persuaded to try a competitive 400m Freestyle. Much to Karen’s surprise, she won the 2018 East Region 400m Freestyle title for her age group. Come 2019, Karen excelled herself even further, picking up a Bronze medal in the 400m IM at the GB Masters in Swansea.