John O’Rourke


John O’Rourke is one of our more long standing (but by no means oldest) “home grown” competitive Masters members.


Two-time Bronze medalist at 2019 GB Masters

When did you join Team Luton?
I Joined Luton SC in 1978 aged 8/9 as my two older sisters were already members.

If you were a member of a club or clubs before, did you compete and if so to what level?
I swam at ‘B’ level standard for Luton.

When did you first swim competitively as a Master?
My first swim as a competitive Master (aged 36) was at the Beds County Champs in 2005 at Biggleswade.
Won two gold medals in 50m Free & 50m Back.

What / when was your most notable achievement (to date) as a Masters swimmer?
Until 2019 it was swimming at the World Masters in Montreal in 2014. Didn’t think in 2005 that nine years later I would swim at such an event. However it is now matched by winning two Bronze medals (over 800m Freestyle and the 400m IM) at the GB Masters in Swansea.

What / when was your most memorable / enjoyable Masters swimming experience?
First time I swam at the short course Nationals in Sheffield in 2007.
Amazed by the standard & by the pool

Who / what gets you (out of bed) to go training (at the end of a working day)?
Myself. I want  to keep fit and to improve as a swimmer.

What’s the best part of a Team Luton Masters training session?
Swimming with a good group of people. It’s the support from the group & having fun as you swim.

Why do you still compete / train?
I like to see how my training is going and if my competition times are improving with the training.

What interests do you have outside of Team Luton Masters?
Watching Luton Town FC, Aussie rules Football, American Football,reading books & travelling around places.

Anything your club mates don’t know about you (and you might be willing to now reveal)?
Nothing that they don’t know already. {Oh but not many knew he used to give sports massages! – Editor}