Jo Mitchinson


Jo Mitchinson

When did you join Team Luton?
I joined Team Luton in September 2019

If you were a member of a club or clubs before, did you compete and if so to what level?
I grew up swimming with Hatfield, winning National Age Group Medals, competing at Olympic and European Trials. I used to make finals at National senior competitions – but never good enough to make the teams!

When did you first swim competitively as a Master?
In 2002 I raced at the National Masters, with no expectations at all. I won 3 golds and broke 2 British records. I stopped swimming soon after that though and didn’t swim at all for over 12 years.

What / when was your most notable achievement (to date) as a Masters swimmer?
Winning an Open Water bronze at the World Masters Championships in Budapest. It was totally unexpected and that made it even better!

What / when was your most memorable / enjoyable Masters swimming experience?
Racing at the National Masters in 2018. My sister swims for Southampton Masters, we shared a hotel room and combined swimming with a child free weekend together, meals out and jacuzzi ‘recoveries’. The racing was secondary to the time spent together, sharing a common interest.

Who / what gets you (out of bed) to go training (at the end of a working day)?
I just love training – especially early mornings. I love the sense of achievement I get from completing sessions I didn’t realise I still could.

What’s the best part of a Team Luton Masters training session?
The other swimmers and Pauline. Everyone is so supportive of one another, it’s a real Team atmosphere.

Why do you still compete / train?
There is no deep and meaningful reason here I’m afraid – I train because I love going swimming and I race because I like seeing where my training is at. There will come a time when I can’t do it anymore, so while I can, I will.

What interests do you have outside of Team Luton Masters?
I’m a cycling widow – my husband is an elite cyclist and my daughter cycles at a high level, so I like supporting them. I also have a huge interest in WW1 and lead school trips to Ypres. I’ve been to Ypres over 40 times and am known to the chocolate shop owners!!

Anything your club mates don’t know about you (and you might be willing to now reveal)?
Lots – though plenty I’ll keep to myself!! I won’t eat fruit though because I don’t like it, I’m vegetarian and incredibly fussy. So, I’ll never travel without pot noodles and often have these for breakfast on race days!!